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Event Information

Date: 22/02/2024

Duration: 4 days

Massage x2, meditation, journaling sessions, yoga, and sound bath, purpose and clarity session, breathwork and ice bath session

When we created this retreat, we thought about all the things we love to do ourselves and packed it all together into our ultimate signature THINAMI experience. We have curated this retreat to ensure you feel totally taken care of and nurtured while getting to sample some amazing modalities, therapies, and treatments. We have selected outstanding practitioners with amazing experience and a genuine passion for what they do. The retreat will be facilitated by Anthea who has over 15 years’ experience in holding space for people. As an experienced coach and consultant, Anthea is here to ensure you achieve your goals and gain maximum benefit from your stay.

Current retreat dates are:

February 22nd to 25th and March 21st to 24th

All our retreats Include:

  • Beautifully styled room for up to 1, 2 or 4 people
  • Organic wholefood breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Nature walks on our magical grounds
  • Use of facilities – outdoor swimming pool, fire pit, library
  • A structured day with a personalised itinerary


$3000 per person in a quad share room
$3500 per person in a twin share room (sharing a bed)
$4000 one person in a private room

All pricing is excluding GST

Tailored Massage x 2

Our expert  massage practitioners offer a range of massage techniques, including:

Relaxation massage, Swedish massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Remedial massage, Raynor massage, and Deep Tissue massage. They will tailor a massage to meet your particular needs and deliver the best results for your body.

Guided Meditation

Whether you are new to meditation, or a seasoned meditator, our practitioner will guide you through a number of techniques as a group to achieve or enhance your meditative state, for a blissfully deep relaxation.

Guided Journaling

Journaling is the act of expressive writing. You will be guided through this group journaling session, which allows you to explore – and express your feelings in the written form. The art of journaling has been practiced for thousands of years and has been effective in helping sufferers of anxiety and an invaluable way to focus on goals and aspirations.

This exercise is collaborative and interactive, helping you connect with your true self. You will set intentions for the retreat and also for the future.


Our experienced Yoga instructor will design a class to suit the needs of the group, drawing from strong, Vinyasa power to chilled out Yin, and everything in-between.

Sound Bath Meditation

This immersive experience is the practice of mindfully listening to and basking in the sound and energy of singing bowls for healing, relaxation, and balance, bringing a sense of calm to your whole being through a deeper state of consciousness.

Purpose and Clarity Coaching Session

A guided and collaborative workshop to gain clarity on your goals, define what you want to achieve, where you’re going, and explore how you are going to get there.

You will leave feeling lighter, more certain of your purpose, and motivated to drive your plans forward, with the tools to help you succeed.

Breathwork and Ice Bath

The breath and mind are our most powerful tools to achieve permanent health, happiness, energy, and strength. In this session, you will be taken through the meditative, calming, and rejuvenating, process of facilitated breathwork, unlocking new levels of physical and mental performance.

You’ll then have the option to experience a full immersion ice bath, which will stimulate a huge release of feel-good chemicals, reduce inflammation, increase circulation, aid weight loss, improved sleep, and so much more.

Please note: Retreat schedule and inclusions are subject to change.


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