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We are blessed with an outstanding community of like-minded professionals and businesses, who share our vision and contribute to our mission of helping people to grow, heal, and thrive.

We are delighted to introduce you to our business friends and share the benefits of their expertise, experience and total dedication to helping people live a healthier, happier, more abundant and harmonious lifestyle.

Intelligent Directions

Intelligent Directions exists to create abundance in the businesses, the lives, and the hearts of its clients.

The ID team helps to build a world where every person from the casual worker to the CEO loves going to work and is filled with passion, purpose, and optimism. Where every individual feels fulfilled and connected to a common goal.

ID offers an ‘intelligent’ range of services that may be accessed independently, or as part of a total business growth programme, including:

Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

Business and Process Development and Documentation

ISO Consulting

Management Consulting

Executive Development and Coaching

Creating the Dream Team

Engenesis Being Framework

Engenesis is a global platform and community, dedicated to radical growth and human transformation, Through a unique range of videos, articles, programs, courses and community discussions.

Programmes include:

Influence Leadership Programme

Venture Building Start-up Programme

Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Being Profile Accreditation

The Elevate Programme

Being Mastery Programme


Enheduana is a leadership coaching consultancy, delivering workshops and personalised leadership coaching and team development. Programmes are focused on exploring a leadership way of being, guiding you toward high-performance and effective leadership, discovering your true potential, and revealing hidden talents and your deeper life purpose.

Workshops include:

Influence Leadership Programme

Intuitive Leadership Masterclass

Archetypal Leadership Profiling


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