family recipe

Take oodles of Mediterranean warmth and hospitality.

Add a slug of Eastern European stoicism and strength.

Blend with a dash of British self-deprecation and cockeyed wit.

Mix with a double dose of Aussie optimism and drive.

Infuse with a healthy measure of deep respect and reverence for the elders of our world.

Simmer for a few generations.

Serve with a huge dollop of good humour and a generous pouring of love.

Who we are

We’re a simple family, trying to change the world – or at least make a small, positive dent in it. Come and meet the family…

Voula Miles – Nourisher and Mum

To say that family and food runs through Voula’s veins would be something of an understatement. Mum has loved to cook her entire life! Our family meals always seemed to attract a host of visitors, who were enthusiastically welcomed, however unexpected their appearance may have been.

Everyone who ever sat at Voula’s table has raved about her food, and with good, nourishing food being such an essential ingredient of Thinami Retreat it was only natural that mum would become our chef. She always puts so much love, intention, and energy into her cooking, which is what makes it so very special.

Voula’s method is to cook by intuition, putting a great deal of feeling into everything she makes. Recipes are merely rough guidelines in her kitchen – her cooking epitomises the time-honoured Greek phrase “osou pai”, which translates to “as much as it takes”. Really, it means you just need to ‘feel it’ and add exactly what you think the recipe needs. Before Thinami, mum has been a successful hairdresser, business owner, teacher’s aid, and high-end retail manager. She raised 3 kids as a single mother back when no one even entertained the idea of divorce in our community, making her a true trailblazer. Voula can’t wait to welcome you to Thinami and wrap you in the warmth of her family values and home cooking.

David Miles – Outside is his Domain

David is in charge of the grounds at Thinami Retreat. He’s the one that lovingly restored our gardens back to, well, actual gardens, instead of overgrown bushland and rainforest. You will see him scooting around on his favorite toys, the lawnmower or tractor (sometimes we think he just likes to take them for a spin, but shhh – don’t tell him we know that).

David is originally from England and is the father of two daughters, and proud grandpa to three granddaughters. Before Thinami, David was in warehousing and logistics – definitely a theme here of playing around with various types of vehicles. Today we have David to thank for the wonderful organic produce that makes its way daily to Voula’s kitchen, and for creating the beautiful outdoor spaces that are an essential element of our retreat.

Aleks Stevanovic – Mr Fix-it

Aleks takes care of all the maintenance around the retreat as well as having played the most instrumental role in our renovations and getting the retreat looking and feeling as amazing as it does. Aleks loves to play with the toys (lawnmower and tractor) just as much as David does, so you may also see him whizzing around the grounds.

Through Aleks’ previous work experience he has accumulated the skills that have been instrumental creating a safe and welcoming environment for our guests. Aleks keeps the place in tip-top condition and is always on the lookout for something to fix or improve.

Anthea Stevanovic – Visionary and Space Holder or Retreat Facilitator and Thinami CEO

Anthea is our Retreat Facilitator; she is the one who makes sure you feel loved and nurtured throughout your time with us. She will be your guide, your mentor, and pathfinder, holding space for you for the duration of your stay.

Anthea is also the CEO of Thinami Retreat, which is the result of her vision and passion to share this beautiful place with like-minded souls. She has carefully crafted and curated all of our offerings, and spends her days ensuring we can serve as many people as possible.

Anthea knew from an early age that she would work with people, helping them to live the best lives they possibly can. Creating Thinami is the perfect manifestation of her drive to share abundance and knowledge, and discover the joy of connecting with nature.

As well as running Thinami Retreat, Anthea operates a successful business consulting practice, Intelligent Directions, and is also a partner in a networking business, Conscious Business Connections. Anthea has dedicated the last 14 years to researching health and wellness and applying everything she has learned to herself. Anthea is the hub of Thinami Retreat, and is dedicated to creating an enriching environment for all guests.

Niki Papanicola – Crystal lady (or Crystal Guide?) and Event Coordinator

Niki is our Client Experience Manager. She will be here to welcome you and check you into the retreat and will continue to facilitate a wonderful experience for you throughout your stay. If you need anything at all during your time here, Niki is your gal.

An experienced event planner, Niki also helps to organize and manage our events. She also owns a crystal business, Thinami Crystals, and you will see her beautiful hand chosen crystals all around the retreat. Each selected to enhance, attract, and amplify exactly the right energies for each location. Alongside her day (and night) job, Niki is also the client manager and policy consultant at Intelligent Directions.

Whether you are attending a retreat, need help organizing your own customized retreat, or would like to take advantage of her crystal knowledge, Niki is your go-to person, dedicated to enriching your Thinami experience.

Why we are doing this

We all have struggles – they are different from one person to the next, but we believe, with the right guidance and support, we can all heal ourselves and our lives.

THINAMI retreat is the place you can accomplish this and more. We aim to hold space for you. To truly nurture you, giving you the confidence and support to go within and create the experiences you desire.

We want you to find your inner strength, your personal power. The power every human being is born with but more often than not, forget we possess. We know this power exists and we want to help as many people as we can to reconnect with it. We believe that once you reconnect with your power, you will be unstoppable.

What it means

THIMAMI – pronounced Thi-na-mi – is a Greek word that literally translates as ‘strength’. This is important to us, because we want to inspire everyone to connect with their power and discover their true strength.

We know from personal experience, the strength it takes to overcome adversity, to live free, to carve your own path. The importance of being strong and healthy of both body and mind cannot be overestimated.


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