A place that’s alive with laughter and the buzz of building something special.

The grounds

THINAMI Retreat is set on just shy of 20 beautiful acres in Lindendale, situated 20 minutes from Ballina Airport and 40 minutes south of Byron Bay. We are in the beautiful hinterland, nestled in nature. Our family lives on the grounds; we work the land and grow as much of our own organic produce as we can as well as working in the retreat.

Open in every sense, you are free to wander and explore, take fruit from the trees and vegetables from the garden – even indulge in a little therapeutic gardening if the mood takes you.

What you will find on the property

Avocados – (The best you’ve ever eaten), lemons, limes, oranges, lemonades, mandarins, mulberries, pawpaws, passionfruit, Davidson plums, lychees, macadamias, pecans, bananas, mangoes, and an abundant seasonal veggie patch. The land is graced with beautiful gums, jacarandas, rainforest flora and a plethora of wild friends, including birds, rabbits, butterflies, etc.


All our food is served buffet style or as we like to call it, family style. Being Greek, we have always had an abundance of food down the middle of the table for everyone to help themselves. We would eat, chat, laugh and connect. As we got older mum (Voula) forged a tradition of Monday night dinners where the whole family would gather at her place and eat a feast she had spent the day preparing.

Over the years her Monday night dinners became legendary among our extended family and friends, and people would drop in to share the meal.

We’re bringing this homely and abundant style to the retreat because we believe that eating this way is deeply nourishing, even beyond what food alone can achieve.

There is real love and intention that goes into all the food we provide.

As well as this style of eating we believe that food is medicine. All our ingredients are natural, organic wholefoods, we believe food should never contain any ‘nasties’, and you’ll find no processed, preservative infused food in our home.

What you will find is simple, nourishing, healing wholefoods, lovingly prepared and joyfully shared. From the land to the table, whatever we have, we make, with ingenuity, passion, and love.

Our Values


We believe in the power of our bodies and minds, combined with natural nourishment to heal and protect.


We are conscious of our actions, and of our impact on the land, on our community, and on the world.


We rely only on ourselves for all that we need, taking ownership of our lives and responsibility for our health and happiness.


Living a free and sovereign existence is one of our most treasured gifts, and a notion we aim to share and support in our community and beyond.


Peace, balance, and harmony in all things is what we strive for.


A supportive and thriving community means everything to us. We welcome all into our own blossoming enterprise, while immersing ourselves in this rural life, connecting with our neighbours, and making a positive contribution to our local community.


We are driven to build a sanctuary, where all visitors will experience mindful, spiritual, and physical growth.


What’s ours is yours – our default disposition is one of generosity – with our time, with our attention, with our resources, with our love.


We were born to host – welcoming friends, family, and strangers, alike, we can’t wait to shower you with our inherent Mediterranean hospitality.


Our generosity breeds abundance. We live by the law of reciprocity and foster an environment of positive flow.

The retreat itself is a self-contained building that features;

7 bedrooms

(3 sleeping up to 4 people, 2 sleeping 2 people, and 2 sleeping up to 3 people (with a foldout bed added)

A large workshop space

2 treatment rooms

A beautiful soak room

Communal dining room and outdoor seating space

Magnesium swimming pool

Nature tracks and stunning little gardens

Spa, Sauna and colonic (coming soon)

The retreat offers


welcome home

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