About us

How we got here

Where to start this story – it’s always hard in retrospect, to pinpoint the actions and experiences that lead us to a place, and all the more complex when our collective story is made up of the uniquely personal stories of each individual involved.

Like you, we’ve all experienced a great deal in our lives, but one thing has remained constant – that as a family unit we’ve always been strong and there for each other through thick and thin. Are we perfect? Absolutely not! Are we trying our very best, hell yes!

Natural health and healing have been an integral part our family life for the last 14 years, initially driven by Anthea, who has suffered chronic illness her entire life. Intent on a journey to discover the root cause of her sickness from being 20 years old, Anthea immersed herself in researching and trying everything she possibly could to heal. Some things worked, some things didn’t. Anthea’s journey has been one of trial and error, and what she discovered along the way is there is no ‘one-size -fits-all’ solution; that everyone must discover what works for them as an individual.

Over time, some sound health principals were adopted by the whole family, each trying different remedies, pro-active treatments, and practices, but the one thing that changed dramatically was the food we consumed and what we put onto our bodies in general.

The result has been a dramatic uplift on our general health, our happiness and wellbeing and our whole attitude to life.

In 2020 we decided as a family the time was right to start a new adventure. Our dream was to buy a large property, to grow our own organic food, become self-sufficient, and take full control of our health and quality of life.

Essentially, to live our lives on our own terms and to be able to give back to others by creating a healing space in the form of a retreat centre.

Over a year of exploring, imagining, and creating, we developed the basis of a plan, an outline strategy, and search criteria for our dream property. We set about our search with much excitement, combined with the inevitable sadness of selling the family home that held so many memories for all of us.

After missing out on several properties and some extremely bad luck with one we were under contract to purchase, we found the perfect place. We immediately felt a special and magical connection to the land. Yes, the property met 9 out of our 10 desired criteria, but it was much more than that. The place simply captured our hearts and we all felt it was truly meant to be.

Anthea was so certain of our destiny, that she wrote the owners a letter introducing each family member and sharing our plans for the property, which resonated with the vendors, who appreciated our vision.

And as they say, the rest is history.

What we’re trying to do

Our dream is to create a space for people to heal on many different levels. We hope that when you come here you will be able to explore new things, find out what works for you and then implement those things into your daily life. We believe in the body’s ability to heal itself naturally, when supported with healthy, natural food, lifestyle, and way of being.

We believe many of the illnesses and ailments afflicting humanity right now are caused by the way we live, the environment we are exposed to, and what we put into and onto our bodies. We believe therefore, that by changing these things, your body can reclaim the power to heal itself.

We want everyone who comes here to feel truly nurtured and taken care of. We want to hold space for you, to allow you to connect with your innate personal strength and power – to truly become who you were born to be. We each hold so much untapped wisdom within us, and once we connect to this inner knowledge, we can achieve anything.

We want to build a community of conscious humans, who feel empowered and inspired to take full responsibility for themselves and their families. To foster a formidable movement of sovereignty and true freedom.

Our Philosophy

THINAMI was created out of our desire to live simply, to empower ourselves and those who choose to connect with us.

To build community, to take total responsibility, to heal, and to step into our true power as human beings. We hope to reveal the hidden strength of every soul we touch.

Our sense of abundance is at the very core of our existence. Like so much of who we are, our service philosophy revolves around food – if we don’t have leftovers, we didn’t make enough. This idea flows through every aspect of the THINAMI experience – pleasure in the joy of giving freely.

Doing what makes us feel good – welcoming people into our sanctuary, cooking, sharing stories, growing together.

A place that’s alive with laughter and the buzz of building something special. A welcome, that’s like coming home.

THINAMI is our home, but it’s a home that’s open to all;

Always here;

Always open;

Bringing people together;

Feeding your mind, body, soul, and spirit.


welcome home

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