THINAMI is more than just a special place – it’s a feeling, a sense of being, a magical experience.

THINAMI is a captivating retreat that seeks to inspire and empower you to live a more connected, more free, more natural life.

To take full responsibility for yourself and take ownership of your existence.

To harness your inner strength to create the life you want and to truly thrive.

THINAMI is our home.

And our home is your home.

Our family is your family.

Our food is your food.

We can’t wait to welcome you…

About us

Our dream is to create a space for people to heal on many different levels.

We hope that when you come here you will be able to explore new things, find out what works for you and then implement those things into your daily life. We want everyone who comes here to feel truly nurtured and taken care of. We want to hold space for you, to allow you to connect with your innate personal strength and power – to truly become who you were born to be.

We help people to thrive and live their best life, guide their path, and explore possibilities, facilitate soul-searching with open hearts, nourishing and replenishing every guest for a beautiful experience.

We have many different offerings which are all centred around healing and bringing people together, they include running our own signature retreats, renting the whole retreat out for facilitators to run their retreats, accommodation, events and team development days.

What we do

Signature retreats

Our signature retreats are what we are known for. Let us hold space for you, nurture you and cater to your every need. We would love to see you growing, healing and thriving, our retreats have been designed to do exactly that.

We host 6 signature retreats throughout the year.

Each retreat has been consciously crafted around a central theme, think healing, pampering, connecting with yourself to name a few. Each retreat will help you to achieve your desired results in alignment with the retreat theme.

Come and discover for yourself the wonder that is Thinami retreat. Here you will find a list of all public events being held at Thinami Retreat. Some of these events are our Signature Retreats and some are events that are open to the public that are being run by other fascilitators.

What’s on


welcome home

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